Monday, September 10, 2012

Villa Poso

Images of Villa Poso Bali

I'm planing a quick trip to Bali with my water babies.  Villa Poso caught my eye.  With well designed rooms and relaxing outdoor spaces, in my book it's perfect.  


  1. Oh Bree, this looks wonderful. I've seen quite a few in my travels and this one looks close to the top of my list. Must remember to keep it in mind when I am back there. Enjoy you break with your babies.
    Have a great week.
    Warm wishes,

  2. Looks so good. Would love to stay there. Have fun!Fiona

  3. ooh lucky you!! This place looks so peaceful. I hope plenty of pampering is in the plan! Have fun. lovT

  4. This is a nice find. I love Villa Poso of Bali and searched for more images. It is cool place.

    ~ Herman Swan