Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nursery Musings

Girls room designed by Martensen-Jones Interiors
Final image J.K Place Hotel Capri

This week I finished up my final job for a client in Perth. That means my full attention is now focused on the nursery. The only problem is that this will be a temporary room as we are designing a new home. I would love to do a soft chinoiserie mural like the one above, mixed in with these gorgeous chairs from the J.K Place hotel.  I not sure I will get enough use out of the room to justify the cost of the mural. A take on these chairs will definitely find their way into the space, as I can always re use them in the new house.


  1. Congratulations on the baby news Bree! You will have your hands full :) xx

  2. wow - I haven't popped by your blog for a while and look at all the things that have been/are/will happening!

    A new baby, a new house, doesn't stop for a minute, does it? Good luck with it all. Sounds all very exciting.

  3. Beautiful once again - I haven't checked your blog in far too long so from one expectant mum to another (I'm 38 wks today with our second baby), big congratulations to you!
    Two questions, please - did you use wall decals/stickers to achieve the looks above? We've left the nursery walls white to match the furniture as the baby's gender will be a surprise. Unsure what to do beyond perhaps a feature wall after the birth.
    Also, a little geekily - what font are you using?
    Many thanks

  4. Petra,

    The nursery above is Martensen Jones Design, it is a painted mural. I am not normally a fan of murals but this one is divine.

    So sorry I can't remember which font I selected for the blog.

    Best of luck with your new little one.

  5. The mural is simply gorgeous. Such a lovely twist of an idea for a childrens room that could be enjoyed by everyone. Fiona

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